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9 Templates for Actor Outreach to Casting!

➡️ Do you say that you’re bad at following up with casting directors?

➡️ Do you let industry relationships fall through the cracks?

➡️ Do you realize the importance of reaching out but don't know what to say?

You’re not alone. As an actor and career coach for actors, this is by far the BIGGEST complaint I hear from my clients all over the world.

This PDF will change that.

Relationships with casting directors, tend to be forced, not nurtured. Find out HOW to reach out authentically! 🥰

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    “Just to put it straight forward: Jodie knows her s**t. She can truly help any actor of any level really hone in on what’s missing or can be improved upon that'll make you stand out in this industry. I booked multiple commercials and signed with my first manager!"

    Ryan Tran

    Los Angeles, CA

    In this pdf you'll get:

    • 3 example DM's when you're reaching to a CD you're targeting
    • 3 example messages to connect with a CD you know but want to deepen the relationship
    • 3 DM examples to maintain relationships so they don't fall through the cracks

    Hey there! I’m Jodie Bentley, an NYU Tisch trained actor and producer who has worked for Netflix, Hulu, ABC, CBS, Apple TV and many more.

    Since 2008, I’ve coached actors to achieve their goals, become organizational masters, stop the self-sabotage, build their marketing tools, land agents/managers and own their brand.

    I've taught workshops on all the above at SAG-AFTRA, Actors Equity, Comicon, New York Film Academy, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Pace University, Studio School and over 50+ universities and training programs.

    I help actors get the career they want without wasting any more time!